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The Company and its Activities
Our job is building machines and tools for the fabrication of flat power transmission- and conveyor belts. This is what we do best, with love for our work, with skill and competence.
Our equipment is used in all fields where fabrication and splicing is required. The worldwide application of our products proves their quality and high efficiency, their state of the art construction guarantees an easy realization of e.g. excellent end joinings, welding of profiles, slitting of belts and tapes, etc.

The building of fabrication machinery is done under observation of the newest technologies. We use materials and components whose features yield best results
in the required application.
The production of the units and their assembly are made with utmost care in order

to obtain the required quality. Thus, their precision guarantees an optimal efficiency
of the equipment.
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The machinery has to meet the requirements of the user, so it is equipped with elements of state of the art technology for efficient handling.
Field tests confirm their efficiency and optimal user friendliness.


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Training and After-sales Service
By request, we offer trainings and demonstrations of the use of the machinery.
For best results in fabrication, the mastery of the precise handling of machinery
and equipment is a Must.
An excellently stocked warehouse of spare parts allows an equally excellent after-sales service. Our specialists guarantee the serviceability of your equipment
with minimal suspension time.
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Head Office:
Intermex Belting Tool AG

Werkstrasse 39
CH-8630 Rüti ZH
Tel: +41 55 420 49 55
Email: info@intermex.ch

Workshop, Stock
Werkstrasse 39
CH-8630 Rüti ZH
E-Mail: info@intermex.ch

Branch Office:
Intermex of America, L.L.C.

210 Meister Avenue
New Jersey 08876 - USA
Tel. +1 908-722-7292
Fax +1 908-722-7291


IBT Intermex Belting Tool AG . Werkstrasse 39 . CH-8630 Rüti ZH . Switzerland. Tel. +41 55 420 49 55. info@intermex.ch